Umpqua UPG HD Box Review

Umpqua HD Box.jpg

I recently got my hands on this fly box, and now I can't see myself having anything else in my kit.


From the outside this box looks like the rest of the Umpqua UPG Line. Once you open this box you will find that it is 2X bigger than the next size from Umpqua. The Walkabout has the highest fly capacity per-inch on the market. This box is HUGE!

Umpqua HD Box Open.jpg

The swing leafs inside offer a few different options of organization, and 4 TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Platforms for Nymphs, Dries, and Streamers. TPE is lighter than silicone, and the injection molding has extreme gripping properties with high density, and low memory - once removing a fly you will watch the mold reshape.

Umpqua HD Box Full.jpg

The magnetic storage option is the perfect spot for flies soon to be tied, or flies recently used. This is the best for lazy anglers, like me, who don't always put flies back in their correct spots.


Unless lost, this fly box will last for a very long time. The only downside to this box would be losing hundreds of flies ($$$) by losing the box but, Umpqua has made this hard to do by adding lanyard strap anchors on both ends of the outside hinges.

Umpqua Hd Box Open Full.png

This box fits perfectly in the inner armpit pockets of my Patagonia Rio-Gallegos Waders.

If you want a waterproof, shatterproof, and the highest quality fly box; this is the one for you. You will not be unsatisfied with this product.


Top Features Include:

●       Highest capacity storage per inch of any other boxes on the market

●       See-through covers for easy identification and visibility of flies

●       Completely waterproof latches and seals

●       Superior materials, design, and construction result in shatter-proof durability

●       Swing-leafs are magnetized to ensure they remain in proper place when opening and closing

●       TPE inserts for maximum grip and storage capacity

●       7.25" x 4" x 1.6"


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