Weekly Fish-A-Longs


Weekly Fish-A-Longs will leave from the Golden Shop on Monday's and Wednesday's from Lafayette!

Meet us at 5pm for Cold Drinks and Fish Stories! 

Fish-A-Longs are for YOU, so please ask questions on bugs, rigs, techniques, and anything else you have questions on. No need to RSVP for the Fish-A-Long, just show up, and yes everyone is invited, even if you work at a different Fly Shop

Want "One-on-One" help? Now is the perfect time to book a trip! 

Don't have the gear? We can help – we have a full line of rentals and if it's your first time, rentals are FREE!

Make Sure You Are Voting Every Week!

Every week we are going to take a vote for the following weeks Fish-A-Long and what species you are interested in Fishing. This will allow us to announce the Species before the event allowing you to come prepared with the right gear!  

Don't see the species you are interested in? Email us and we will add it to the list!