"Rig Up" and Arbor Anglers Shirt: $35.00

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IMG_4528 2.JPG

"Rig Up" and Arbor Anglers Shirt: $35.00


The RIGUPS system is just what us tailwater junkies needed!

  • Pre-tie double and triple rigs. Fewer knots on the water.

  • Rig Down. Don’t shove that line and rig in your bag. Save and reuse.

  • Puck wall protects line and flies.

  • Round big wraps = fewer kinks in your sh*t.

  • Quick extra clip it & stick it fly storage.

  • Replaceable & extra foam available.


  • Locking top and bottom carabiners (metal)

  • High-quality materials.

  • *Holds up to 5-6 traditional tippet spools

  • Emergency fire starter. Because you never know….

  • Bombproof *although we haven't actually tested this!

  • Handmade in our Denver garage.

  • The color of paracord may vary (brown, camo, armygreen. etc) all rad colors.

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